They Almost Died: 15 Stars Who Skirted Around Death

We Almost Lost Them: 15 Stars Who Experienced Brushes With Death



It’s always a loss for an entertainer to go before their time, but few people consider how many close calls our favorite actors or musicians have experienced. Like the rest of us, the lives of Hollywood’s stars are fragile, and are frequently jeopardized by a wide variety of external forces. To prove how many brushes with oblivion our favorite celebs have experienced, here are 15 of Hollywood’s most notorious near-death stories.

Kanye West

Kanye perform PF WENN


Rapper Kanye West was almost taken at the beginning of his career by a near-fatal car accident. The crash occurred while West was leaving a recording studio in October of 2002 and resulted in his mouth having to be wired shut. This in turn inspired “Through The Wire”, the lead single off The College Dropout.

  • CM

    You missed Norman Reedus who was in a horrific car crash in Berlin in 2005. He had to go through major facial reconstruction including four screws and his left eye socket replaced with a titanium plate.

  • k

    dj am didnt walk away from that plane crash. he died.

    • GoToSchool

      Idiot. He did. He died of a drug overdose over a year later.

  • J

    Don’t forget about Nikki Sixx, he was declared dead for 2 minutes from an overdose.

  • J

    Don’t forget about Nikki Sixx, he was declared dead for 2 minutes from an overdose.

  • blackhawk

    Eastwood had a similar experience to Depp while filming Good, Bad And The Ugly

    According to a former bodyguard, Lindsay Lohan nearly got shot over a dispute, she told him she was going to pick up a “script” (drugs) and he came with her, she found out the dealer was ripping her off, so she got pissed and slapped him hard, he then pulled out a gun and held it to her head and threatened to shoot her, luckily there a loud noise which distracted the dealer long enough for the bodyguard to deck him and take off with Lindsay.

  • OctoberHurts

    Why do idiot reporters always refer to SCUBA tanks as Oxygen Tanks? Diving with oxygen is dangerous.. Do they even know that Air is 20% Oxygen and the enhance Nitrox is only 33-36% O2? Makes you wonder what else they invent in these stories.

  • Jason G. Ramage

    Gary Busey is still alive?

  • Bongs&Thongs

    I gave up at six. travis barker was real. the rest were before they were stars and the kelly rowland one was just stupid. lesson learned not clicking cnn ads again

  • debbie338

    Really? The first line of the article about Kanye West’s accident is that he “did not have life-threatening injuries.” How is that “near-fatal?”