We Almost Lost Them: 15 Stars Who Experienced Brushes With Death

  • CM

    You missed Norman Reedus who was in a horrific car crash in Berlin in 2005. He had to go through major facial reconstruction including four screws and his left eye socket replaced with a titanium plate.

  • k

    dj am didnt walk away from that plane crash. he died.

    • GoToSchool

      Idiot. He did. He died of a drug overdose over a year later.

  • J

    Don’t forget about Nikki Sixx, he was declared dead for 2 minutes from an overdose.

  • J

    Don’t forget about Nikki Sixx, he was declared dead for 2 minutes from an overdose.

  • blackhawk

    Eastwood had a similar experience to Depp while filming Good, Bad And The Ugly

    According to a former bodyguard, Lindsay Lohan nearly got shot over a dispute, she told him she was going to pick up a “script” (drugs) and he came with her, she found out the dealer was ripping her off, so she got pissed and slapped him hard, he then pulled out a gun and held it to her head and threatened to shoot her, luckily there a loud noise which distracted the dealer long enough for the bodyguard to deck him and take off with Lindsay.

  • OctoberHurts

    Why do idiot reporters always refer to SCUBA tanks as Oxygen Tanks? Diving with oxygen is dangerous.. Do they even know that Air is 20% Oxygen and the enhance Nitrox is only 33-36% O2? Makes you wonder what else they invent in these stories.

  • Jason G. Ramage

    Gary Busey is still alive?

  • Bongs&Thongs

    I gave up at six. travis barker was real. the rest were before they were stars and the kelly rowland one was just stupid. lesson learned not clicking cnn ads again

  • debbie338

    Really? The first line of the article about Kanye West’s accident is that he “did not have life-threatening injuries.” How is that “near-fatal?”

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