Beauty Review: Mai Couture Blush Papers Make An Amazing, Mess-Free Staple!


If you’re a big fan of oil-blotting pads for an oil-free complexion, then it’s time to try the Mai Couture Blush and Highlight Papers for an irresistible finish.

Unlike the usual powder and cream blushes, the Mai Couture Blush Paper ($17.50, is perfect for traveling or fast makeup application, as papers are applied directly against the face and beautiful color is easily transferred onto the cheek. It may take more than one try, (took me a good couple of times to master the look) but if you’re seeking spill-free makeup and amazing color, then it’s totally worth giving these papers a shot.

crystal_cove_2_resized__10738.1371686285.550.450For that ethereal gorgeous glow, make the Mai Couture Highlighting Papier ($28, your next big beauty buy. It provides the perfect glow, simply apply the highlighting papers like you would the blush papers and viola! Buh-bye dirty brushes and hello hot shimmer!

StyleBlazers, which will you try?


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