Your Morning Tea: What's Brewing In Fashion

Your Morning Tea: What’s Brewing In Fashion

Glamour Women Of The Year Awards wenn pf Photo: Lia Toby/WENN


If being a model doesn’t work out for Jourdan Dunn, the internationally recognized supermodel, can always work at Abercrombie & Fitch. To add to their atrocious reputation, Dunn mentioned that she was recently asked by an employee of the store if she wanted a job. It’s good to know that sales associates are educated on all things fashion. [READ More]

While it would be extremely dangerous to create a fire dress like Katniss’ in “The Hunger Games,” there is a fashion line in the works inspired by the film. Net-a-Porter and Trish Summerville, the costume designer behind the sequel and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” are launching a fantasy-filled capsule collection. Feather and laser-cuts are being mentioned, so we’re thinking Comic Con will never be the same. [READ More]

It is with deep sadness the we tell you, that you’re probably at the age where wearing nothing but large white underpants in your home for hours is OK. With fall right upon us, nesting at the house on the weekends is very real and commonplace, so why not integrate some comfortable draws? No? Yes! [READ More]

  • What The Hell Ever

    I wouldn’t have known who she was either. There are more important things to keep up with in life.

    • PolkaDots

      I was thinking the exact same thing. My thought was “who is she”?

  • Cynkisskiss

    It’s not like she’s beyonce oh pleaseeeeeeeeee ..she’s not a world wide celebrity ..high fashion is a small world what they hire plenty of girls like her to be store models ..and the guy she was in the Burberry campaign with a year or 2 ago was a Hollister model at first ,.anyway unless u know fashion you won’t know who jordun is

  • LeeLeeC

    Still wonder who she is