Must Follow Fashion Savvy Instagram Accounts During NYFW

Must Follow Fashion Savvy Instagram Accounts During Fashion Week


It’s no secret New York Fashion Week is in full swing. It seems the social media and digital world have gone mad in its wake and there are updates everywhere you look! If you’re following Fashion Week and hoping to be kept in the loop on the happenings at Lincoln Center these 15 Instagram accounts will help you be on your way. Take a look at a few of our favorites and follow along this week as all the fun and fashion unfolds:

Byrdie Beauty


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The Cut


Photo: Instagram

Eva Chen


Photo: Instagram



Photo: Instagram

Gucci Westman


Photo: Instagram

Into the Gloss


Photo: Instagram

June Ambrose


Photo: IInstagram

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


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Photo: Instagram

Nylon Magazine


Photo: Instagram

Sincrely, Jules


Photo: Instagram

Song of Style


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We’ll be out and about all week so follow us on our adventures StyleBlazers!

The Zoe Report


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Vogue Magazine


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  • guestwho

    Your average American couldn’t CARE LESS about Fashion Week. Fashion Week is an event for rich snobs who can actually afford that clothing, brown-nosing celebs who want free stuff, and wannabe fashionistas who will kiss endless a$$ to land an intern, at best! Most of us REAL AMERICANS who deal with our own reality on a DAILY basis wear what the hell we want, and don’t give a d@mn about the opinions of magazines or uppety rich snobs. Our life and style cannot revolve around them. We have a living to make, without their help! Moving on……

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      Real S**t!!!

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