The (Style) Streets Are Talking: Iggy Azalea

The (Style) Streets Are Talking

Iggy Azalea, Nick Knight, iPhonePhoto: Instagram

Touring, making money and posing for the camera is what fans love to see Iggy Azalea do. The Australian rap artist often uses her Instagram page to show off unique pictures of her taken by photographers and on Monday, she showcased one from Nick Knight.

Knight –a famed British fashion photographer– is known for his highly dramatized, obscure photos. By simply using his iPhone, Knight made this photo that fans loved. Their initial reaction was sheer joy and then came an odd sense of competition– to out adore Iggy. Being incredibly humble, Iggy jumped in to say “thank you” and address fans’ comments but then… it got a bit bizarre.

See what they had to say below (in descending order of fan-dom):

“I love you Iggy”

“I love you soooooo much”


“This pic is soo dope”

“I lovee you Iggy staay bad”

“Iggy your video SLAYED @thenewclassic I love it”

“Most gorgeous woman on this planet”

“Iggy you are the most perfect human being”

“I just love you okay?”

“wowowowow idol”

“You’re so perfect! I love you”


“This Must Be My New Wallpaper!!”


“Iggy seriously you are amazing in everything that you do! You are seriously the most beautiful woman in the world to me anyways i just wanted you to know that! Love u”