15 Celebrities Who Suffer From A Serious Illness

They Are Fighters: 15 Celebrities Who Suffer From A Serious Illness

Though celebrities may seem invincible because of their large bank statements and access to pleasures the average person probably can’t even fathom, fans often forget that their favorite famous person is human. That’s right, human. Unfortunately, they fall sick too, sometimes with diseases that cause them serious problems. Check out 15 celebrities that suffer from a serious medical condition!



Toni Braxton has never been shy about her fight with lupus. On the contrary, Toni revealed she had the condition during a lupus benefit and makes every attempt to educate fans about the disease with lots of charity work and information. Braxton also tries to stay positive about her condition saying, “Lupus medication actually causes most women to gain weight. But we’re still fabulous! I’m going to work it on out.”



Funnyman Nick Cannon has always kept fans laughing with his larger-than-life personality, but when Cannon was hospitalized in Jan. 2012, fans everywhere were replacing giggles for worrisome thoughts. Cannon was treated at the hospital for kidney failure linked to lupus, but seems to have fully recovered.

Missy Elliott ELLIOTT


Missy Elliott was on top of the female rap game, but her frequent battle with Graves’ disease caused her to take a back seat. The autoimmune disease directly impacts the thyroid leading to insomnia, fatigue, and eye problems.

Halle BerryBERRY WENN copy


As gorgeous as Halle Berry is, she too, has had her fight with a certain medical condition, diabetes. Berry was diagnosed in 1989, but manages her condition with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

Robin Roberts ROBERTS


Robin Roberts is one of the strongest women we know! Roberts beat her fight with breast cancer a few years ago to only be diagnosed with another illness, MDS or myelodysplastic syndrome. The disease, which attacked Roberts’ blood and bone marrow caused her to undergo a round of chemotherapy treatments and a bone marrow transplant. Roberts has since fully recovered.

Venus WilliamsVENUS


While Venus’ sister Serena Williams still burns up the tennis court, many fans of the talented sisterly duo were left wondering what happened to Venus? While many fans thought Venus decided to just take a hiatus from the challenging sport, Venus confided to the press that she suffers from Sjorgren’s syndrome. Williams’ condition is a rare autoimmune disease that strips most of her energy while she is competing. Williams suffers from dry eyes, mouth, and severe fatigue due to white blood cells attacking moisture-producing glands.

Patti Labelle LABELLE WENN


Patti Labelle never seems to let anything get her down, so was it a surprise when Labelle bounced back from a diabetes diagnosis 14 years ago? Labelle, a self proclaimed “divabetic” cried when she first learned of her condition, but eventually changed her lifestyle by embracing different food choices and methods of exercise.

Montel WilliamsWILLIAMS


Montel Williams didn’t let his multiple sclerosis diagnosis weigh him down. The talk show host announced in 1999 that doctors confirmed he is suffering from the disease. Instead of becoming depressed, Williams decided to start The Montel Williams Foundation to raise awareness and promote research for a cure.

Anthony AndersonANDERSON


Funnyman actor Anthony Anderson suffers from Type 2 diabetes. While he isn’t particularly public about his condition, sources say Anderson takes the disease very seriously coping with medication and healthy life choices.

Kim KardashianKIM K WENN


Kim Kardashian was devastated to learn she suffered from psoriasis, a condition that causes red flaky patches on the skin. After becoming pregnant with her first baby, she discovered the patches on her leg and was later diagnosed on an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.



When people blamed Lil Wayne’s constant consumption of sizzurp for his three seizures in a row, Wayne decided to put all rumors to bed. The “Lollipop” rapper revealed that he suffers from epilepsy during an interview with Power 106 and he has had a “bunch of seizures” the public doesn’t know about.

Kareem Abdul-JabbarABDUL JABBAR


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar announced to fans in November 2009 that he suffers from a form of leukemia. The ex-NBA star manages his condition by taking oral medication daily, seeing a specialist, and getting his blood analyzed.

Sherri Shepherd SHEPARD WENN


It didn’t take Sherri Shepherd a long time to make some lifestyle changes when she found out she had diabetes four years ago. Shepherd began to eat more healthy and exercise more dropping from 197 lbs to 151 lbs. Shepherd’s book Plan D which she calls “diabetes for dummies” gives readers a three-step process for healthy eating and living with diabetes.



Have you ever wondered where Seal got that scarring on his face? The British singer suffers from a rare form of lupus called discoid lupus erythematosus. While this type of lupus only affects the skin, people with the condition must monitor sun exposure and exposure to ultra violet lighting.

Guiliana RancicRANCIC WENN


Guiliana Rancic is anther fabulous representation of a positive attitude pushing those plagued with an illness to recovery. Rancic underwent a full double mastectomy in December after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

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    Uh yea she knew she had it (n the mentioned episode aired) LONG before her pregnancy…it was even before her 72 day marriage!

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    This countdown is profiling minorities.

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      So what? Don’t we exist to?

    • Yogomi

      I think the point Celiea is making is not that minorities don’t exist, but that there are plenty of celebrities of other races that have diseases (John Hamm, Daniel Radcliffe, Alec Baldwin). This article seems to put a negative stigma that only minority celebrities have diseases as they are the only race featured.

  • Pat

    Yes, so many of these profile are minorities. I am surprised that you all (writers) didn’t include stars that have bipolar or depression issues… or is broaching the mental health issue still a taboo? Another celebrity to add would be Kristen Chenoweth, as she’s had Ménière’s Disease for a long time.

  • Megs

    Omg! It’s an entertainment article so stop bashing ppl because your jealous with their lives. Yes celebrities can have illnesses too.. All it’s talking about on this article is the celebs that are dealing with them and how most of them are still working and not complaining. Some of them actually going out there using their own money to educated other ppl who has the same illness which is not selfish!!

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