15 TV Shows and Movies That Caused Religious Controversy

15 TV Shows And Movies That Caused Religious Controversy

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The subjects of God, church, and spiritual belief systems have been always been taboo topics in society. When filmmakers or show runners push the envelope of religion, you better believe someone’s going to call foul. Whether they’re protestant homemakers, celebrity Scientologists, or Islamic extremists, almost every kind of religious group was offended by one or more the following projects. Here are 15 controversial movies and shows that caught the ire of religious fanatics and caused religious controversy.

Harry Potter

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Even though the book and film series have been wrapped up since 2011, Harry Potter remains a controversial subject among many religious groups. Most recently a group of teenage exorcists in Great Britain (not pictured above) have vowed to vanquish the Boy Who Lived and the occult themes he’s steeped in.