The (Style) Streets Are Talking: Kim Kardashian

The (Style) Streets Are Talking

Kim Kardashian, blondePhoto: Instagram


In the world’s blurriest Instagram photo, Kim Kardashian gave fans a look at her new blonde hair (…that we’re hoping is for a film wrapping soon).

The new mommy has been very quiet since giving birth to her daughter, North West, in late June. So the new haircolor seems like a way to add some excitement (read: public interest) to her look. In a faint photo, she shows her hair to the side, while wearing a white top and serious gold chain.

Her fans, aka her worst critiques had a lot to say about the photo– many giving editing tips to her social media page. It’s amazing what a slither of a photo will do.

See them all below:

“Worst selfie ever”

“You’re better with dark hair”


“Kiss the baby for me ma, luv the look on u”

“iPhone 5s….”

“She leaked the new iPhone”

“This is not your color hun. but years ago when you went honey that looked really good”

“This is some Amanda Bynes stuff”

“Worse quality everrrr. Put a different selfie up!”

“Did you take this picture with a potato?”

“U resemble Beyonce…lovin the hair!!”