Miley Cyrus' 'Wreckingball' is Simply Wrecking Records

Twerk Miley, Twerk: Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ is Wrecking Records


Photo: Terry Richardson’s Diary

In the off chance that you’ve been living under a rock and missed the premiere of Miley Cyrus’ epic video premiere let us enlighten you. On Monday, the video for Miley’s latest single “Wrecking Ball” hit the web and the world collectively gasped while they watched a very unclothed Miley sit atop a wrecking ball as it swayed back and forth across the screen. The video, directed by famed fashion photographer Terry Richardson, features a very scandalous Miley licking sledgehammers and shedding tears in the middle of what seems to be a manufactured construction site. Now you may be wondering just how (and why) Ms. Cyrus is still making headlines but with a new Vevo record for most views within a 24-hour period at 19.3 million, it seems Miley’s antics aren’t going anywhere soon. In the wake of the video release, Richardsoon took to his online diary to share behind the scenes photos from the shoot showcasing Miley in action. For a peek at the makings of “Wrecking Ball” take a look at a few of Richardson’s shots:


Photo: Terry Richardson’s Diary


Photo: Terry Richardson’s Diary

And just for kicks, here’s Miley’s in all of her “Wrecking Ball” glory:

  • Rodriquez Antonio

    No lie, I thought that was Justin Beiber in that video lol


    i actually liked the shyt

  • That was a nice video

  • kickash

    ugh terry richardson seems like such a creep….

  • young afrique

    They getting us….

  • Chuck

    It may be a VEVO record for views, but who’s spending money on her material?

    • Tbaby

      What do you mean whos spending money on her material??? THIS IS HANNA MONTANA. All that show, money, tour money merchandise money im sure her budget aint too shabby

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