Taylor Swift Might Have A New Boyfriend, JW ANderson Might Join LVMH

Your Morning Tea: What’s Brewing In Fashion

Taylor SwiftPhoto: WENN


Another day another boyfriend for Taylor Swift. The self-proclaimed “princess” was spotted at the Toronto Film Festival with a certain actor, Brenton Thwaites, who plays a prince in Disney’s upcoming movie “Maleficent.” **collective aww** Some care-free chuckling, a couple innocent strokes of the leg and there you go: another hit song in the making. [READ More]

Like a new member of Good Music, JW Anderson is rumored to be joining the clique of LVMH. The company, who recently withdrew in a case against Hermés, is allegedly the new home for the Irish designer. Sources could not confirm nor deny his brand being bought, but judging by his popularity overseas, it’s not out of the question. [READ More]

Joining the many brands to launch their own propaganda online magazine is Matthew Williamson. With a fabulous fall 2013 collection in stores, the young designer has gained a cult-like following which will serve as the readers to his all-fashion site. In addition to reads, visitors can shop at his online boutique and look at previous collections. [SEE More]