Bad News For Mink Coats, The West Hollywood Fur Ban Is Real

West Hollywood Bans The Sale Of Fur

Tina Turner Getty Images pfPhoto by Anwar Hussein/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Bad news for all West Hollywood dwelling, fur loving inhabitants, according to Racked, the city has put into effect a ban on the sale of fur.  The ban, which goes into effect next Saturday, will give store a 60-90 days ‘warning period’ to completely get rid of their fur products.  After which, any store caught selling clothing and/or accessories in the contraband material could be cited $250 to $800.

As with any rule, there are exceptions.  Non-for-profit organizations, vintage and consignment shops, as well as others that sell used fur are not subject to the ban.  Retailers are also allowed to display fur merchandise, in which case shoppers can look and purchase at another location.



  • bee

    The consequences doesn’t provide much of a deterrence. $250 – $800 isn’t much of a fine considering the costs and destruction of the “raw” commodity or the loss of the life taken and separated from it’s coating for the luxurious comforting of man.

  • OliverSprings Man

    That is what democrats and Liberals do for the fine people of california electing them. Oh and for the people looking to get even more laws passed. How many animals do you kill when you walk 15 feet ( bugs breath air, are living things) or drive your car? Sure, you love to save the whales and the monkeys, you know – things that are semi-sentient and are fuzzy and cute. For those people I was just addressing: You hippocrits!!! You only do it because its a fad and the all knowing kids (28yr old kids) know everything whom you hang out with. They all pick the latest revolution and how mankind is just so awful for exploiting earth’s resources. Yet, you sleep in your bed, enjoy your vehicle, and don’t do anything to conform to the environmentalist dreams. Do you know what those dreams are? that you end your life. Yeah? They think by doing so, you will save the animals, the earth and that mankind is the virus.Watch all these preachy hollywood movies – you will see what im talking about. Think for yourself for a change, look for the truth. Its right under your nose and the bible isnt a fad, its revolutionary, and you may find yourself thinking with ways to benefit yourself, your animals, and your enviroment