She Cleans Up Well: Miley Cyrus Poses For 'Harper's Bazaar'

She Cleans Up Well: Miley Cyrus Poses For October ‘Harper’s Bazaar’

miley-cyrus-im-an-adult-im-acting-like-a-kid-02Photo: Terry Richardson/Harper’s Bazaar

Love or hate Miley Cyrus, you have to admit that the young singer cleans up well for print. Her newest cover is for Harper’s Bazaar‘s October 2013 issue.

At what’s seeming like the pinnacle of her career (we hope), the 20-year-old posed for the fall focused issue and talked about her current state of mind. Once again, Cyrus worked with Terry Richardson for the shoot at an exquisite mansion. In each shot she wears couture pieces from a range of known names, including: Valentino, Dior, Giambatista Valli, Chanel and more.

In a very haughty interview, the booty shaking singer talks about the overt image change and how it’s affected her career.


Miley Harpers Bazaar Oct13Photo: Terry Richardson/Harper’s Bazaar
5Miley Harpers Bazaar Oct13Photo: Terry Richardson/Harper’s Bazaar

On her crop haircut: “It changed everyone else’s life more than it changed mine.”

On her recent behavior: “I was an adult when I was supposed to be a kid. So now I’m an adult and I’m acting like a kid… We’re in a world of selfies. I told my label: ‘This is the first time I’m showing you what I’m bringing to the table as an artist. If this goes wrong, you never have to trust me again. I’ll be your little puppet. But if I’m right, then you know I’m on to something.'”

Her advice for Lindsay Lohan: “The other day I saw that Lindsay Lohan was getting rid of, like, 80 of her friends because she wants to cut out the toxic people. I’m like, ‘Honey, you’re going to have to move out of this universe because everywhere you go there are toxic people.’?”

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  • cj

    at least this time she kept her tongue in her mouth, i couldnt stand it anymore

  • iReezy

    Miley has been on some bull lately, but this editorial is awesome! I love the pictures, she looks like a beautiful, sexy-but-not-overly-so, young adult, even if she doesn’t always act that way. This spread gives me hope for her.

  • MsTighteyesisbackb!tches

    Still looks like a Starvin Justin Bieber….NEXT!