Iggy Azalea Shows What Her Momma Gave Her In New 'Complex'

Iggy Azalea Shows What Her Momma Gave Her In New ‘Complex’



It’s not often that Australia-born beauty Iggy Azalea talks about her childhood and personal life. While fans think they know a lot about her through her most intimate song, “Work” she’s actually been fairly private about her life. Until now.

In a Tiki-themed shoot photographed by Gavin Bond, the rapper chats with Justin Moore for Complex’s October/November 2103 issue. To say she keeps it trill would be an understatement. Rocking clip on bangs, the fair-skinned star talks candidly about her early exposure to the strip clubs, her hometown, critics who suggest she’s inauthentic and relationship with A$AP Rocky.





Raised in Mullumbimby, a small town of 3,000 people, her endearing journey took her from the Land Down Under to the hot streets of Miami. For the relaxed shoot Iggy wears vintage 50s clothing and her own Jimmy Choo heels.

On what she’d do as a teen: “When I was 14 I used to go to the red light district called Kings Cross and go to strip clubs. We would hang out there so late that the train would stop working, and then we would walk back into the city on the sides of the road, three or four drunk 14-year-old girls with fake IDs.”

On her biggest career mistake: “The lowest point was the day I didn’t take my deal with Interscope. I’d broken up with my boyfriend the day before. Because I’m a sicko, I was still at his house, in his bed. He wasn’t there, and I was on the phone, saying I’m not taking the deal.”

On what happened when she exposed her relationship with A$AP Rocky to the world: “Blogs do voting polls: ‘Do you think they’re a good couple or not?’ It’s not a song. It’s a relationship, and you’re not in it, by the way. It’s so sick to me.”




On her fair complexion: “In Australia they’re big on having a tan and an athletic body type. I used to have a tan, but my family always had skin cancer. When I hit 15, and my grandfather started to get a lot of Shyte chopped off his face and scooped out of his body, I was like, “Oh, shi*, everyone in my family older than 50 has skin cancer! Maybe I should stop rubbing baby oil all over myself and laying in the sun after school.”

To read the full interview, go here and watch her sit-down interview, below:


  • Reese

    She is pale, but when is she going to have a song on the radio.

    • BadandDarkskinned

      I hope never!!!

      • Reese

        I’m just not familiar with her music. Seems like alot of hype.

    • 1st Amendment User

      She had one good song called Murda Bizness ft TI.. But I saw it on youtube, never played on the radio though

  • BadandDarkskinned

    I think this broad is lame as hell? Bytch don’t know what (work) is!!!!

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    Iggy please stop..

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    ASAP Rocky sure gets around, doesn’t he?

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    I like them pale, tan lines are f*cking gross.

    • choop

      But if its a ebony woman, it’s ugly isn’t it?

      • Jupionthemoon

        Uh and please tell me when and where I said that? Does Iggy look ebony and is their any place where their are any? No people were saying she is too pale and needs to tan. I was stating how I felt. Now please take a seat. I love all women, but my main women are white,&Latin though, never dated a black women. Most of them look pass me anyways.

  • she just always looks so awkward like the image that they picked for her is really not who she is.

  • Kim Ber Lee

    So is she a rapper.. a model? what?

    • Kim Ber Lee

      @1st Amendment User So she is a model then.. lol

  • guest

    Who the he33 keeps giving her work?