StyleBlazer Exclusive: 'Fashion Queens,' Bevy Smith Reveals Which One Celeb Is Killing The Game

StyleBlazer Exclusive: ‘Fashion Queens,’ Bevy Smith Reveals Which One Celeb Is Killing The Game

Fashion Queens - Season 1Photo: Heidi Gutman/Bravo


Fans of Bravo’s “Fashion Queens” will be excited to know that the sassy late-night show will be returning November 3 for another fashion-filled season.

In anticipation of all the fun to come, we chatted with co-host Bevy Smith about the second season and her personal fashion tastes. For those of you not familiar with Smith, she’s a NYC-based writer and socialite who’s carved out quite a name for herself in the fashion world. Her alongside, Lawrence and Derek J dish out their six cents about personal style, Bravo TV stars and other pop culture related topics.

Peep our chat with her below!

On trends she loved last season (SS13): “I love the clashing prints. Just think Solange [Knowles] on any given day, any given print. Checks with florals, stripes with brocade. I love that Lucite heels have left the strip club and come onto the proper runway.”

On a fashion trend she hated this summer: “Overalls. It made me think of the ‘Beverly Hillbillies.’ It wasn’t chic to me. No one looks good in an overall if they are over the age of 12 or over 60 pounds. Everyone looks like a farmhand.”

On a celebrity who’s had consistent good style this year: “Kerry Washington knows her body, has access to the best designers and knows that this is a business, so she comes out fully beat at all times when she steps onto a red carpet. It’s a part of her job to look that amazing and she nails it.”

On the solution to seeing more diversity in fashion: “Having the conversation honestly and openly and not just amongst the people who are seen as diverse. Everyone needs to have this real conversation. They need to have more people in the casting office, in the communications office that are people of color.”


Fashion Queens - Season 1Photo: Heidi Gutman/Bravo


What her, Derek J and Lawrence bring to the show that’s unique to other style shows: “On many other style shows you’ll have one or two people who are funny. On ‘Fashion Queens’ all of us are a ‘kiki’ good time.”

On new segments fans can expect: “Let’s just say there might be a few more people in the studio with us from time to time.”

Make sure to check out the premiere of “Fashion Queens” on Sunday, November 3 at 11:30pm ET/PT on BravoTV.

And watch a favorite clip of ours from Season 1, below:

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    thems is some fine lookin h0es an evathang but, that oen with the redest crayon on they lips, sho do look like a buck – jus sayin….

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    I really can’t even watch this show. This is some mentally disturbing bull. This is some serious mess right here. Wow!!!

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      I agree…..I can’t comprehend this…y….y….lol…..why do they feel the need to dress like women when they like men….maybe I’ll never understand….it’s very disturbing like you said

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    ridiculous…straight clowns…smh

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    I love Fashion Queens!…I’ll definitely B tuning N…thank God 4 another season.

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    I don’t watch this but every time I come across these two, I just smh!! I men why do men (gay) have to……never mind….it’s just sickening to look at….lipstick, heels…etc…geesh!! I don’t get

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    DAMON your a BOY! (in my Money Mike voice)

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    LOL at those feet in those heels tho.