Clint Eastwood's Son Broke the Internet Yesterday with His 'Town & Country' Shoot

Clint Eastwood’s Son Broke the Internet with His ‘Town & Country’ Shoot


You may be wondering just who Clint Eastwood’s son is and to be honest, until yesterday we had no clue who he was either. That is, until Town & Country released this ridiculous spread featuring Clint’s son, Scott Eastwood, and the world collective gasped at how handsome he was! The 27-year old actor channels a 60’s water theme in a smoldering nautical shoot that shows the apple clearly doesn’t fall very far from the tree. Scott is set to star in the upcoming flicks “The Perfect Wave” and “Dawn Patrol” later this year but until then, get familiar with this face because we’re sure you’ll be seeing much more of it very soon!


Photograph by Noe DeWitt/ Town & Country


Photograph by Noe DeWitt/ Town & Country


Photograph by Noe DeWitt/ Town & Country


Photograph by Noe DeWitt/ Town & Country


Photograph by Noe DeWitt/ Town & Country


Photograph by Noe DeWitt/ Town & Country


Photograph by Noe DeWitt/ Town & Country


Photograph by Noe DeWitt/ Town & Country


Photograph by Noe DeWitt/ Town & Country



Photograph by Noe DeWitt/ Town & Country



Photograph by Noe DeWitt/ Town & Country

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Photograph by Noe DeWitt/ Town & Country



Photograph by Noe DeWitt/ Town & Country



Photograph by Noe DeWitt/ Town & Country


Photograph by Noe DeWitt/ Town & Country


Photograph by Noe DeWitt/ Town & Country

  • SHAWN101

    I have to admit, he is very handsome. He’s a spitting image of his dad back in his day. If you’ve ever seen the movie, “Play Misty For Me”, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

    • ashaaa

      The genes are amazing lol

      • TbeeZ

        Like a mutha! lmao

    • toyasg

      That is my movie I got it on tape. Yeah I said VHS. lol

  • iReezy

    Yes, please! So fine and GQ.

  • TbeeZ

    I can’t lie he is FINE AS HELL! Looks just like his papa!!


    oh my he is EVERYTHING sheeeesh

  • NegRican24

    SAKES ALIVE!!!!!!! Not a suprise his dad was a good looking fella, just hope he’s not a racist. That’s the only reason I can’t do the swirl don’t wanna be considered a phase you were going through or your brown sugar story, BUT these white boys be killing me. Kellan Lutz, Orlando Bloom, the new Superman, Brandon Routh, Brad Pitt….. etc ectc

  • janell


  • wepa 1

    Dayum! he fine as fawk!!!

  • Sandbrn

    He needs to be added to the list of the white men that can get it…All day err day and twice on Sunday.

  • brilliantfly

    The jury still out until it is revealed whether he brings the girl’s or Boy’s to yard.

  • guest

    Umm…. he aight I guess…. maybe he’s just not my type or something because everyone else on here seems to be drooling over him.

  • toyasg

    Is he the 1 that was on “Southland”? Clint Eastwood has some good looking son’s

  • teriquajones

    He is adorable!

  • ColoMom

    I for one will be very happy to be seeing more of Scott Eastwood!!! Gorgeous. 😉

  • CB3

    Well Helloooo Mr. Eastwood. Yowza!!

  • Thick and Thin

    YUMMAY!!! An Eastwood man for the new generation…very nice..

  • He’s cute. No doubt. I bet he didn’t leave the mirror until he nailed the cigarillo look of his father in the old spaghetti westerns. However, being born rich and freed from the obligation of serious responsibility he should have better and well defined abs. Where’s the washboard? He’s remained safe in the confines of his father’s wealth and fame.

  • smokit

    Sure made my day….betcha he’s packed some party experience with that cigar.

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