Dockers Opens Pop-Up Shop Catered To The Urban Manly Man

Dockers Opens Pop-Up Shop Catered To The Urban Manly Man

Dockers Pop UpPhoto: Instagram

Cronuts and tequila, a perfect marriage of two awesome things. For Dockers Pop-Up Shop opening, it made perfect sense to have both elements in building as a welcome to attendees.

For a limited time, Dockers will have a pop-up shop open at NYC’s General Store off 25 Howard Street in SoHo highlighting their offstream label, Alpha. In a 1,750-square-foot space –open Tuesdays through Sundays– visitors can try on the labels colorful array of fitted slacks, jackets, button-ups, sweaters and other seasonal gear.


Dockers Pop Up2Photo: Instagram
Dockers Pop Up3Photo: Instagram

Opened until Sept 27, the shop has already been visited by British rapper, Tinie Tempah who performed for their Dockers Alpha Collection Launch Party during Fashion Week. Activities at the shop have included free haircuts and tattoos in the rear. As a sort of social experiment, the band owned by Levi Strauss & Co. is hoping to change their image.

“In the past, 80 percent of the people who bought Dockers were 35 and older,” Adrienne Lofton Shaw, the chief marketing officer for Dockers told The New York Times about their campaign to get a younger more tech-savvy demographic. “Now, it’s 50 percent who are over 35.”

If you’re in town, we suggest you stop by the shop and see what the excited is all about.