5 Minutes Of Mane: The Blown Out Twist Out

5 Minutes Of Mane: The Twist Out On A Blow Out

dry twist out

It’s great to have an arsenal of quick and easy hairstyles on hand. One of the most popular, shared styles that natural hair girls have is the twist out. The style is especially great on wet hair, for maximum hold on those coils. But others of us do dry twists. And while this will obviously provide less curl to the sections, it can result in beautiful, more wave-like bends—especially on blown out hair. In this 5 minutes of mane, watch youtuber MahoganyCurls perform a twist out on her blow dried hair for lustrous waves.





Do you do your twist out dry or wet?

  • Breezy

    Love Mahogany Curls! I learned a lot of styles from her tutorials<3 #NaturalSistas

  • Ajua

    Since the late 80s, I have twisted my hair wet…after I washed it, then let it air dry for 2 days and the style last for about a week….You train your hair like this for a few months and it lasts for years without the twist out!

    • akilahh

      I just recently went natural and figured it could be trained but I never saw any progress, thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  • That is so cute. I’m trying this on my daughter