15 Shocking Celebrity Confessions

15 Shocking Celebrity Confessions

Honesty is the best policy for everyone except celebrities mainly due to the fact that after a scandalous truth bomb is released, a backlash follows. The most recent celebrity confession comes from Chinese-American daytime talk show host Julie Chen, who admitted that she had eye widening surgery in order to gain representation from a “big time” agent. Those in the Chinese community slammed Chen, saying she was trying to look “less Chinese”, and had turned her back on the culture.  A year before Chen’s confession, Rihanna publicly addressed Chris Brown as her “baby” for the first time since the abuse scandal, sending shockwaves through social media. Before another celebrity confessions infiltrates the Internet, check out the 15 shocking celebrity confessions that rocked Hollywood.


Whitney Houston

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Some celebrity confessions aren’t much of a surprise, case in point: Whitney Houston’s admitting to a coke addiction. The pop icon spent the better half of the late 90s and early aughts vehemently denying drug allegations; most infamously in 2002 when she told Diane Sawyer “cr-ack is wack”, and she made too much money to ever use the drug. Seven years later Houston admitted to Oprah she had been using cr-ack coke and kush before the interview despite her claim.

  • Reese

    Will somebody call Lauren to the red carpet for “knowing” Wayne since she was 15! Wayne was married with child when she was 15.

  • Herman Vogel

    Fifteen more reason to talk to your kids and monitor what they watch and Glorify. Or pay Big Time later when the emulate these losers.