Child Star Syndrome: 15 Good Child Stars Gone Bad

’80s heartthrob Corey Haim is not the first– or the last– former squeaky clean child star who later became a drug addict (read: Lindsay Lohan) and while some make a successful recovery like Lohan, many unfortunately do not. Whether it’s to sell more records, fit in with a certain trend, or due to mounting pressure in the spotlight, we’ve watched child stars “go bad” so frequent, it’s become a syndrome of sorts. After showcasing all her bad girl glory on the MTV VMA stage (much like Britney Spears did in 2001) it seems as if Miley Cyrus is essentially following Britney’s footsteps. Sometimes the transition works, like in the case of Selena Gomez, other times it’s painful to watch (read: Amanda Bynes). See the 15 most notorious cases of the child stars gone bad.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus wenn pf

Photo: WENN

Before twerk Miley, Cyrus was Disney’s saccharine sweet Hannah Montana. Two years after her Disney reign, the ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer ditched her good girl image, and is now on a mission to piss off every parent. Just this month, it was revealed that VOGUE‘s Anna Wintour revoked Miley’s December cover after catching wind to the now notorious latex-clad VMA performance.


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  • Brooks Brown

    Drew Barrymore was 7 when “E.T.” was released, not 10 as stated in this article.


    Selena Gomez shouldn’t be on this list.

    • Sierra Casimir

      Ikr, the other stars are in trouble for the things they do in real life. Just because one of her roles in a movie were a bit racy, it doesnt mean she’s turned bad.

  • bekind

    Google the reason why Mr. Hiam was on those drugs, derp…..

    • Brian Brotherton

      I’m seeing nothing. Why? It looks like he just started drinking young, then started smoking, then started on the yack. Doesn’t seem like there is any reasonable excuse for it. Is there something I’m missing?

      • malexandria

        he was molested repeatedly and had issues with his parents.

  • Saros

    Selena Gomez also made a cameo in Aftershock, very small cameo… the setting was in electronic dance club

  • saros

    Holy sh!T She goes HARD
    (Drew Barrymore)

  • JH Jana hollow

    Selena Gomez is not on that list duhh

  • T-araN4

    Selena Gomez is not one of these. but the scumbag Chris Brown should be at the top of the list.

  • SickOfTools

    OMG this list is just STUPID! Any time a child star simply grows up (or OUT GROWS the Disney roles) people think that they’ve gone off the rails. Granted, some have. In the case of Amanda Bynes, she is mentally ill, you moron (whoever you are who compiled this list). And I would like to say for the effing record, the symbol “X” as added to Xmas is Greek, and means CHRIST. So when you call women named CHRISTina, X-tina, you’re really spelling the name ChrisTTIna with two T’s you barely literate troll. As for Miley and Selena and Christina, they are not the people they portrayed on TV or in movies, they are not CHILDREN anymore so STFU already! Yes, Lohan has had her issues. Hopefully the recent rehab sticks. Dying from addiction is an ugly, terrible thing. Lay off the predictive Schadenfreude, you idiot. And Jesus and fried cats, Drew Barrymore is creeping up on 40, a mother herself now. Must you really dig into antiquity to tell people that she had a tragic history of early substance abuse and depression? LET IT GO! You sicken people with your nastiness!

    • Frank

      thx u..

  • Fan

    Uhm no…Selena Gomez should not be on that list…

  • ItzNyssa

    Corey Haim did NOT die of a drug overdose.

  • justsomereader

    More Tavistock cronies

  • Frank

    Miley um she havent been in trouble with the law.. last I heard about her was she was entertaining like she suppose to..

  • Nicholas Kakheladze

    Why is Selena Gomez on this list?

  • neo2627

    I don’t think Miley Cyrus, went ‘bad’. . I just think she took too many ‘stupid’ pills! In her eyes, her singing talent was not enough; to distance herself from the Disney image. So she wants to cut her hair, stick her tongue out, and twerk, at every chance she gets to appear ‘edgy!’ Now that’s what her ‘fans’ expect of her; and it is not edgy, but is becoming real boring!

  • James

    Drew wasn’t 10 when she made E.T. More like 6 or 7.

  • zoom zoom103

    miley does not have a mission to **** every parent off me and my mom actually LIKE miley she shouldn’t be on this list or at the top so get ur facts right and selena and demi r not as bad as YOU people think and probally a lot of ppl like these stars considering they r still making money and considering miley is perfroming times square new years for only the best of the best

    • BeautyQueen

      are you 12?