Lauren Conrad Wants You To Have A #ClosetLoveAffair

Lauren Conrad Wants You To Have A #ClosetLoveAffair


Lauren Conrad is one busy woman. Not only does she have two fashion lines, several New York Times Best Selling titles, a beauty and lifestyle site (ahem with a third eco-friendly artisan powered outpost on the way!)she’s also busying partnering with Downy to help women everywhere fall in love with their wardrobe all over again.


The thought process is simple. Why not give your tried and true favorites new life so that every experience with your garments is a pleasant one? In collaboration with both Lauren Conrad and California Closets, Downy is hoping to inspire women everywhere to “refresh” and renew the most beloved pieces they own. With the proper care your tried and true favorites can easily find renewed life, whether it’s that go-to little black dress or an extra comfy tee, think of Downy’s latest as “conditioner for your clothes.”

Photos Courtesy of Downy