Victoria's Secret Casting Demands Olympian Effort from Models

Victoria’s Secret Casting Demands Olympian Effort from Models

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Victoria’s Secret doesn’t mess around with its casting call for the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Even the Victoria’s Secret Angels we all know, love, and envy–Alessandra, Karlie, and Adriana–who are icons in their own right, have to audition to keep their place each year. So if you think the angels float down from model heaven with ease to walk the runway like it ain’t no thang, think again.

Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou, the casting director for The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for the past three years, let some insider information slip regarding the Victoria’s Secret casting process, telling Vogue “It’s quite terrifying” for the models.

She went on to add, “They are provisionally cast by John Pfeiffer but the final decision is made by the whole team, sitting at this long table in a room with really harsh lighting and they have to walk towards us and away from us. They all have to do it – even the contracted girls – and it’s incredibly nerve-wracking for them.”

We can’t even begin to imagine being bold enough to really go for it at such an audition, but that’s what makes some model stars shine brighter than others, being show-ready at the drop of the hat. Sophia compared the process to being an Olympian. “They have to be in peak condition,” she said. “It’s not about being thin or anything like that – it’s about being ready to perform and be the best you can be in that moment.”

Easier said than done!


  • Dryden01

    “Olympian effort?” How hard is it to parade around in your underwear while people ogle you? If they had to work double overtime in the typing pool, that would be Olympian!