Miley Cyrus: Fashion’s Greastest Hit or Greatest Flop?

I Heart Radio Village ConcertsPhoto: WENN

We’re sure you are still trying to process her VMA performance, but Miley Cyrus shows no signs of slowing down. Recently posing t0pless on the cover of Rolling Stone, and now releasing a single and video with rumored boyfriend Mike Will Made-It entitled, “23,” we are trying to see just where we should rate Miley on the fashion scale.

While she’s pulled off looks that blends both high fashion and street influences, there are also those unflattering moments that make us cringe (yes, we are re-directing your attention back to THAT performance). Don’t believe us? Check out some of Miley’s most talked about looks in our slideshow.


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  • akwgreenzbk

    I love that jean jacket in # 4, but she looks the best in pics #3, 7, and 8. Long dresses really work in her favor because she has the body for them. Slim and trim. shows off her silhouette.

  • qwerty

    Huge flop. She does things fundamentally wrong. And I kinda like Miley so I’m not just saying this because I dislike her. She needs to forever stop wearing midriff bearing tops if they are going to go all the way up to her neckline. She needs to forever stop wearing things that go all the way up to her neckline or are turtlenecks. It’s in almost every single one of her pictures and it makes her look absolutely, totally and utterly horrid. The pic on # six is her b3st l00k and actually looks kind of cut3. A t-shirt and cool shorts, casual. The harder she tries, the worse she looks. It’s like she can’t see herself for what it really looks like. Self-blinders. We all have it to a certain extent but she is lost in it.