Isabel Marant For H&M Photos Leak (We Prepare Our Wish List)


Last night a fashion fairy god mother dropped upon The Fashion Spot images of Isabel Marant’s collection for H&M. The much talked about collabo effort is another win for the mass retailer who’s penned collections with everyone from Karl Lagerfeld to Maison Martin Margiela. This new effort integrates the rugged bohemian style of Marant with the trendiness of H&M.

Before we even saw the collection, we had our minds on specific items of Marant’s that we’d love to see with affordable price-tags. To our jubilation, the collection includes a knit cardigan, silky dress, tailored coats and her trademark cowboy boots.

Click through and get your wish list together with us. The collection will hit stores Nov 14.

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  • blue

    seriously ? -_-..