Marchesa Designer, Georgina Chapman Deemed ‘New Trophy Wife’

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There’s no career that’s easy to obtain these days, even the select title of “trophy wife.” Former Playboy centerfold and self-designated trophy wife, Stephanie Adams explains the complexity of the term in an interview with the New York Post. Adams, who married her Manhattan-based chiropractor husband has two business degrees and a seven-figure investment portfolio of her own.

“Anyone who thinks I’m just a good piece of arm candy doesn’t know the whole picture,” she said. “The stereotypes are sexist and unfair. Just because I look a certain way and have expensive tastes, it doesn’t mean I’m shallow. Style and looks don’t mean lack of brains, sweetheart!”

The article written by Jane Ridley goes on to mention Georgina Chapman (above), the 37-year-old co-founder of Marchesa who married film producer, Harvey Weinstein in 2007. While Weinstein is worth several million dollars and has curated a successful career in the film business, Chapman was a costume designer, model and luxury clothing designer before even dating him. Despite progression she’s often still called a trophy wife.

“These women are the full package,” elite Manhattan matchmaker Richard Easton told the publication. “Men are visual, so the women are always beautiful, but it’s beauty inside and out — they need brains, a good education and a career.”

While the title is skewed and limiting, there is something to be said for women who have it all– even enough to be called a trophy wife.


Do you think these women should be considered “trophy wives”? Do you think the term has a bad connotation?


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  • NYC Gal

    Degrees don’t mean anything if your marrying to move up in society or if you are depending on your husband’s money, business, connections or fame. Harvey Weinstein fuels money into his wife’s fashion business. Georgina needs the money to keep her business from going under.

  • NYC Gal

    Also, Georgina got all of her Hollywood connections to wear her clothes from her husband.

  • kierah

    Marchesa was already a big deal before Georgina began dating Weinstein. That’s how she even got into his circle. He only added to her established brand. It’s unfair to call her merely a trophy wife. If they divorced, the Marchesa label will live on.