M.I.A. to Team Up With Versace

M.I.A. to Team Up With Versace

M.I.A. in Paris

Photo: WENN

This morning at the Balenciaga show in Paris, recording artist M.I.A. stepped out in some pretty fantastic rose-covered pants, with matching red booties. She managed to pull together a complete–and cute–look even while wearing a shiny, black rain jacket. Not many people can claim such a victory, so kudos to her. But the real M.I.A. story of the day isn’t what she wore to the Balenciaga show, it’s what she talked about when she got inside.

While seated in the front row, the singer apparently let slip to WWD that she and Donatella Versace are working on a collaboration that’s going to debut just two weeks from now. (That’s one fashion secret that successfully managed to stay under wraps. Again, kudos.) The collaboration is likely going to be with Donatella’s second line, Versus, and from the looks of the line’s eclectic styles M.I.A.’s aesthetic will fit right in.

M.I.A.’s new album is dropping on November 5, so this collaboration could be just the thing to help her get some extra press before the release. There aren’t many details available right now, but rest assured as soon as we know more you will, too.

What do you think of M.I.A.’s fashion? Would you buy clothes from her?