LeBron James Is Pushing A $51,000 Watch: Who's Standing In Line?

LeBron James Is Pushing A $51,000 Watch: Who’s Standing In Line?



We’re a bit confused. French watch company, Audemars Piguet has partnered with LeBron James for a limited-edition timepiece. But we’re not sure who’s going to buy it.

In an editorial for Women’s Wear Daily, the two-time NBA champion talks about his His Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph watch. He shares why he was drawn to the design and his affinity for the finer things. “The Royal Oak is my favorite style because it allows you to wear a suit, sweats or swim trunks, and is slightly urban without being limited to an urban customer,” James said from the downtown Miami set where he was shooting the promo video.

But here’s the kicker, it retails $51,500 and features an 18-karat pink gold case, Arabic numerals and part crocodile straps. Not sure what “urban” or “semi-urban” and even “urban-ish” customer would be be able to afford the accessory. Previous faces for Audemars Piguet have included Arnold Schwarzenegger, tennis pro Novak Djokovic and, more recently, Jay Z– who James cites as a style influence of his.




His thoughts on personal style: “These guys had swagger, and I’m a huge believer in Deion’s quote about if you look good, you feel good, you play good and so on. I’m fortunate that I can fit [after slimming down] into clothes easily.”

On his love of Miami: “I miss the slower pace back home but have grown used to my new city’s little perks like fresh fish and sweet fruit.”

On riding his bike for Miami Critical Mass: “It’s great for physical conditioning and meditation. I wish I could do more but they usually coincide with game nights.”

To read more of the interview, go here.

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    • alf gang boss

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  • universal

    51,000$?????? yall buy it and tell me how it looks….LOL.

  • iammyfatherson

    people with money will buy it if they like it.. simple that watch wasnt made for people like me

  • Anzaloqq

    I’m a fan of how he plays, a part-time fan of him off the court. He look stupid here, and can I get a close-up shot of the frkn watch? I wanna see what a $50000 watch look like. Anything over 40Gs better have a roof dammit!