Rick Owens Cast Step Team For Paris Fashion Week Show (Video Included!)

Rick Owens Cast Step Team For Paris Fashion Week Show (Video Included!)

Rick Owens Step Show4Photo: Instagram

Rick Owens officially delivered on the challenge to add diversity on the runways. For his Paris Fashion Week Spring 2014 presentation he enlisted the talents of four –nearly all-Black– step teams. The audience had to be in shock when instead of slim, tall models a band of athletically built women came out in his pieces.

The British designer is no stranger to unconventionality, having had acrobatics and a rock band perform in the past. But for those of us who attended HBCUs and are familiar with step shows, it was interesting to see him take this approach.


Rick Owens Step Show6Photo: Instagram
Rick Owens Step Show5Photo: Instagram

The collection was composed of zipper jackets, vests, leather skorts, khaki button-ups and “Star Wars”-esque hoodies.

Now concerning the actual stepping… it was aight’. Having a group of four different teams would naturally lead to some coordination issues, but the ladies did their best and no doubt sweated out their Spring 2014 pieces.


Rick Owens Step Show3Photo: Instagram
Rick Owens Step ShowPhoto: Instagram
Judge for yourself by looking below!

  • PolkaDots

    I don’t understand the artistic interpretation, the fashion nor the expressions on the models’ faces. I’m confused.

    • Bored_easily

      When you step you mug…thats their mug

  • Kia Nielle Bradburn


  • Bidjan

    PolkaDots you dont understand Rick Owens then.

  • mo

    that’s nice but i am hoping that black professional models in all of their beauty were showcased next to their white professional counterparts in (if not this) other Rick Owen shows. i don’t like the idea of blacks being used for entertainment, to be different, to prove a ‘point’ of multiculturalism, or to simply hype the crowd…

  • Lex PrimeOne

    Something just bothers me when other cultures seek to exploit our creativity. I sure that one of the white female break-dancing crews from MTV were available.

  • dddooonnnttt

    Didn’t we just get all up in Miley behind for this, but now that it’s ‘fashion’ its forgivable? Nay, fierce?