Pharrell Williams and Moncler Release Titanium Sunglasses

Pharrell Williams and Moncler Release Titanium Sunglasses

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Pharrell Williams is pretty much an arbiter of cool. If you don’t believe us you can look to either of his two hits this summer–Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”–for proof. This fall he’s adding yet another layer to said “coolness” by collaborating with the French label Moncler on a line of unisex sunglasses. And one of his tips to staying cool? Not wearing those sunglasses inside.

“I feel like when people wear sunglasses and there’s no sun, it’s kind of ridiculous,” said Williams at his press conference. The 40-year old singer/producer was wearing a style from the collection at the time.

Of course this won’t mark the first time Williams has teamed up with Moncler. Who can forget that bulletpoof vest-like jacket–the brand is known for their in-house line of puffy jackets–from a few years ago? And independently, both sides have a history of great collaborations. Moncler has teamed up with the likes of Mykita, Fendi and Comme des Garcons, while Pharrell has worked with Louis Vuitton (also on a line of frames) and is currently working on a Spongebob Squarepants clothing line for Karmaloop according to Belfast Telegraph.

Each frame–the collection includes three designs–is created from one piece of titanium. The sunglasses all debuted last night at the opening of Moncler’s flagship location in Paris, and the designs include steampunk influences, clean traditional lines, and even some futuristic inspirations.

Williams will also model the frames for the ad campaign. Click through to see all three designs from the Moncler-Pharrell collaboration.




  • akwgreenzbk

    Love my moncler vest….already busted it out for the season! Pharrell be swagged out…this should be a good colabo!

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