StyleBlazer Spotted: Alicia Keys At The 2013 Global Citizen Festival

  • eflowers

    She need to buy herself some boobs seriously. Shes beautiful but is built like a man waist up.

    • guest

      She doesn’t need to do anything but sty half black and die. Love the dress!

      • Anonymous


  • Mia

    Looking gud Screech! :-)

  • Chloe

    Not a titi in sight!

  • Mira

    I still think Alicia is a lesbian..nothing feminine about her

  • b-nice

    What on earth is she wearing?

  • Girl57

    So glad she’s natural and not full of plastic like so many others.

  • CharlieO82

    Anybody else notice… From the side .. She looks like a rooster? IMJS..

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