Peace Out 'Breaking Bad': The 10 Most Watched Television Finales Ever

Goodbye to ‘Breaking Bad’: The 10 Most Watched Television Finales Ever


Breaking Bad came to an end last night as anxious fans watched with a mix of anticipation and excitement. While the final tally on the number of viewers has yet to be released, the series finale was estimated to bring in over 8 million views. The highly rated show is making its way into the “2014 Guinness Book of World Records” for reaching a meta-score of 99 out of 100 by critics, making it the “Highest-Rated TV Series.” Despite, the ground breaking accomplishment the number of viewers pales in comparison to season finales of years past. In 2010, USA Today detailed the most watched television series finales ever with numbers reaching as high as 125 million. Take a look at which shows reached the highest number of viewers before they made their way off the air:

10. Home Improvement


When the final episode of  Home Improvement aired in 1999 35.5 million viewers tuned in for “The Long and Winding Road.”

  • Starrr

    I love this fvcking show and I’m sad that its over!

    • Gypsy

      Cranston should win an Emmy for the last episode (Felina), it was one of the best endings of a series, ever.

      • Starrr

        Yesssssssss hunty!

  • Im_The_Truth

    I love me some Breaking Bad!

  • Nia

    I started watching BB on Netflix and the first few episodes sucked so it took forever to get into it. But boy, once they got into the story, it was crazy! This was an awesome show!

  • JuJu

    Those are some amazing numbers…bet networks miss those…

  • Gypsy

    Goodbye Heisenberg, loved you from the start, from your first cook to your last..

    • Starrr

      Its odd. Hater Jessie at 1st (f up that he was), but loved Walt.

      In the end my feelings for them switched. Walt turned evil!