Nicki Minaj Runs In Minajesty Perfume Commercial (Watch Here!)

Nicki Minaj Runs In Minajesty Perfume Commercial (Watch Here!)

Nicki Minaj Majesty4


Nicki Minaj’s commercial for her fragrance Minajesty is out and we’re getting a strong Britney Spears vibe. The rapper appears in a tulle corseted dress that, naturally, falls to pieces as she runs through a forest. Similar to Spears’ Fantasy commercial, the video has an enchanted fairy tale feel that appeals to the little girl in all of us.

According to sources, the Young Money star was integral in perfecting the scent of the perfume with notes of floral, creamy vanilla and musk. She worked with Elizabeth Arden for this second fragrance; the first being Pink Friday.


Nicki Minaj Majesty3

Nicki Minaj Majesty1


Minaj wants fans to find their “queendom” by wearing the perfume currently sold in Macy’s and

Watch the video, below.

  • Lola

    lmfao. Nicki looks and sounds ridiculous. No one is buying that mess but little girls. I bet that mess is at Wal-Mart next to Brittney Spears and Paris Hilton’s cheap shxt


      Actually, it’s a Top Seller @ Macy’s after this week. Regardless, she’s out working making money for her family while you’re online hating on her. Whose winning? Not you

      • Lola

        Stan be gone

  • Ladydi82

    Make that money Nicki.

  • Mia

    Lord hammercy, she looks like she was attacked by a quinceanera.

    • Jacqxz

      uuuuu triiieddd it!!!


    she shoulda tripped and fell on her fake a$$

  • kickash

    it’s so hard to take this seriously. and it looks like a rip off of the commercial for Britney Spears Fantasy

  • Erin

    That’s a terrible name for a perfume.

    • Bella

      I respect the grind but , I agree with you. Ellen could barely pronounce it.