Naomi Campbell Poses For 'The Edit,' Comes Across As A Nice Person

Naomi Campbell Poses For ‘The Edit,’ Comes Across As A Nice Person

Naomi Campbell The Edit coverPhoto: Nico/The Edit


It’s nothing to a pro, which is how Naomi Campbell  approached The Edit photo shoot. The controversial model has been fairly chatty with the second season of “The Face” debuting in the UK and her alleged talk show in the works. For the interview conducted by Jo Raven, Campbell touches upon the importance of mentoring and how she intends to lend a hand to up-and-comers.



Naomi Campbell The Edit2Photo: Nico/The Edit
Naomi Campbell The EditPhoto: Nico/The Edit

Knowing good and well about Campbell’s past, we can’t help but be skeptical about his new ‘do gooder attitude.’ In the interview she comes across as self-actualized and at peace. With a messy past that involves a silent feud with Tyra Banks, relationship with a married man and lawsuit from her former assistant– we’re hoping she’s really turned a new page.

On the best part of hosting “The Face”: “I like the mentoring aspect, as opposed to sitting in my chair and judging someone. It’s really rewarding to see the models transformed and it makes me feel like I’m doing something right. Whether my model wins or not, she will have learned and we will have helped her – that’s really why I came on the show.”

On her friendship with Nelson Mandela: “He’s 95 and I’m just happy that he’s here today. There will never be anyone like him again. When you meet him, you just get such a positive aura. It’s incredible.”

On walking in Versace Atelier after 14 years: “I knew about it for months and couldn’t tell anyone. When I did my fitting in those amazing clothes, it was just overwhelming.”

On how she keeps her slender figure: “I don’t want to build muscle, just to tone. I’m not extreme about what I eat – I let chocolate and crisps come in at times. You have to allow the little things that make you happy.”

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