Jimmy Choo Founder, Tamara Mellon Tells Her Story In Tell-All Book

Tamara MellonPhoto: WENN

Jimmy Choo has been a household name since the height of “Sex and the City,” when Carrie Bradshaw had a mild obsession with the brand. Now, two years after leaving the brand she founded, Tamara Mellon is talking about her days before and during. What may seem like the most glamorous job in the world, actually came from a desperate place when Mellon was fired from her accessories editor job at British Vogue.

“I had just dragged myself to my desk at Vogue, yet again two hours late, when Anna Harvey, the deputy editor, appeared ominously at my shoulder,” her book reads. “Eleven a. m. had become all too customary for my arrival, so I wasn’t entirely surprised to find a senior person wanting to have a chat… In fact, I’d been up all night at Tramp consuming prodigious quantities of coke and vodka.”

The designer, who has recently created her own shoe line talked about it all for “The Today Show.”

See what she had to say, below.

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