15 Celebrities Who Are Best-selling Authors

15 Celebrities Who Are Best-Selling Authors


Reading is fundamental. It’s not just for throwing underhanded shade at your foes (that would be the other definition), but sitting down with a good book is great for the soul. And if you’re a pop culture lover, reading a book by your favorite celebrity can make the activity that much more fun. Although many celebrities aren’t sitting down and actually writing these books, we’re still clamoring to read their recipes, fashion & beauty tips, memoirs, and works of fiction. It shows, because many of them hold the coveted title of “Best-Selling Author.”

Getting to peek into the literary minds of our favorite celebs who are usually known for acting, singing, or stirring up drama on reality television certainly adds new layers to our perceptions of them, and while we discover what’s in between their pages, they’re discovering extra zero’s on their paychecks.

Check out 15 celebrities who became best-selling authors:


Jessica Alba was tired of not knowing what was going into her family’s food and products, so she went on a journey to find the most environmentally conscious and clean options available. She shares her story and findings in The Honest Life.


Lauren Conrad has a series of best selling books, and her latest provides beauty tips for makeup beginners.


Ethan Hawke is not only an award winning actor, but he also has a penchant for fiction writing. The Hottest State and his other novel, Ash Wednesday, got rave reviews.

jay_z_cover_decoded_rapradarDecoded is an in-depth look at Jay-Z’s lyrics spanning 11 of his albums.


What happens when you start running out of things to endorse? You write a book! JB was still at the beginning stages of his career when his book launched, but by then he already had a story to tell.


Mindy Kaling’s memoir is as funny as she, and maintains fierce honesty throughout.


Questlove, drummer for The Roots, takes us on a journey of his life in his memoir, Mo’ Meta Blues. His poignancy, and knowledge-dropping of great music & art knowledge, made this book a bestseller.


Steve Martin’s tale of a Neiman Marcus’ salesgirl is a darkly humorous and a nationwide bestseller.


Toya Carter was impregnated by rapper Lil Wayne at the age of 14 and has faced many life tribulations and triumphs since then. From single motherhood to losing the love of her life, her memoir speaks on it all.

Tupac - The Rose That Grew From Concrete

The Rose That Grew From Concrete is a collection of poetry by Tupac Shakur. It’s honest, introspective, and allows readers to delve deeper into the minds of the infamous rapper.


Tyra’s work of fiction, Modelland, follows Tookie De La Crème on her journey from awkward to top model.


A Shore Thing is a fiction-based novel about two girls who go to the Jersey Shore for the summer and have a wild time. Sound familiar?


Katie Couric’s collection of life stories include pioneers such as Maya Angelou, Jimmy Carter, and Michael J. Fox. The advice they have to give shouldn’t be missed.


Who knew Gwyneth Paltrow was a cook in her own right? She has multiple clean eating cookbooks that are all bestsellers.

 Tina Fey

 Tina Fey is hilarious, that’s a univeral truth and her memoir, Bossypants, is no different. The 30 Rock star divulges not only on her life and trek to the top, but also expounds life tips for women wanting to break past stereotypes and make it in their careers.

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