Heck Yea! African American Dolls Being Made With Natural Hair

Natural Girls Rock1


We have arrived, and we’re in doll form. California-based founder of Natural Girls United, Karen Byrd started the project of customizing dolls’ hair after seeing a need for reflective images in kids toys for African American children.

“There have been quite a few studies done that show that African American boys and girls often think of black dolls as bad and white dolls as good,” Byrd says on her website. “Of course, this is not something that the parent is teaching their child. So why are they getting these mixed messages about good and bad skin color, or good and bad hair? It all has to do with the images they see as they grow up.”



Natural Girls Rock2


On her site she offers already made and custom designed black dolls of varied shades of brown with different hair textures. There’s the Brown Sister Locs Doll, Short Afro Doll, Burgundy TWA Doll and more. For the boys, there’s a dreadlock’d male doll as well.

To join the movement and buy a Natural Girls United doll, go here.

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  1. says:

    I like it, the question is will African American girls want to play with them given American society and how we depict non black women as “goddesses” because of hair and white skin…

  2. says:

    I absolutely LOVE these beautiful dolls!! My daughter and neices will just gush with pride!!

  3. says:

    Love them just wish they were more affordable.

  4. says:

    Love the concept but blue eyes on an African American doll????

  5. says:

    They look amazing and are so beautiful. I’m so happy they’re making these dolls. Long overdue I must add!

  6. says:

    Wonder why are they so expensive!, the average Black family wanting to get their daughters these dolls wouldn’t want to spend $40+ dollars on them!. But love the dolls. Can’t wait to see these dolls at a price, that all the little girls of all races that would want them able to get them to play with!

  7. says:

    Brilliant but too darn expensive.

  8. says:

    Natural hair is beautiful.

  9. says:

    My granddaughter will love those! she have over 50 dolls!

  10. says:

    Will definitely be getting my niece a few. Might get one or two for my 28 year old ars.

  11. says:

    You know, these babies aren’t going to play with these dolls. I like natural hair, but I don’t like long red dreads that look like yarn. If I were a kid I wouldn’t care for a doll that had short hair. I’m just being real. We as grown women can appreciate our likeness in these dolls. That is because we have made the decision to embrace ourselves and for many of us, it has not come naturally. I hope they make the doll’s hair where it can be combed and styled too. Or else this will be a flop.

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