StyleBlazer Exclusive: Africa Of ‘The New Atlanta’ Talks Natural Hair

If you’ve caught an episode of Bravo’s new reality show “The New Atlanta,” chances are you love Africa Miranda (and her hair!) as much as we do! In case you aren’t familiar, here’s a brief recap: Africa is a cast member on the docu-series that follows young professionals in Atlanta who are navigating their careers and love lives. Africa is an actress, singer and model who is hoping to take her career to the next level with the help of the “go-to-guy” for artist development and cast member, Vawn Sims, and it appears the two may become romantically involved.

We sat down with the reality star to discuss her style, why she decided to join the cast, and literally absorb each and every one of her natural hair tips. Africa, who has admitted to keeping over $1000(!) worth of hair products under her sink, is also the creator of The Hairnista Chronicles, a hair blog.

Check out “The New Atlanta” on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

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  1. says:

    It looks great on you!!!

  2. says:

    How disrespectful to have ‘Ho sit down’ written behind your guest.

  3. says:

    She’s beautiful but it seems everyone in the US claims to be a model, actress and singer.

  4. says:

    Her hair is not real….she wears a wig/fall made from bohyme brazilian hair. She puts it on and puts a tiny part of the front out to blend. It was on her hair blog from 2009 and it’s also very obvious from her instagram photos…her natural hair when straight is thin and definitely not as luxurious or long as her is when it’s the long curly wig… One thing everyone knows, when hair is straightened its longer….not shorter than ones curls

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