StyleBlazer Exclusive: Africa Of ‘The New Atlanta’ Talks Natural Hair

  • Taylor

    It looks great on you!!!

  • staygolden

    How disrespectful to have ‘Ho sit down’ written behind your guest.

    • Lola Bada

      Black women are often disrespected by the BLACK COMMUNITY IN THIS COUNTRY!

  • Lola Bada

    She’s beautiful but it seems everyone in the US claims to be a model, actress and singer.

  • Truth

    Her hair is not real….she wears a wig/fall made from bohyme brazilian hair. She puts it on and puts a tiny part of the front out to blend. It was on her hair blog from 2009 and it’s also very obvious from her instagram photos…her natural hair when straight is thin and definitely not as luxurious or long as her is when it’s the long curly wig… One thing everyone knows, when hair is straightened its longer….not shorter than ones curls

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