Danity Kane's First Reunion Glamor Shot

Danity Kane’s First Reunion Glamor Shot, Announce Concert


Danity Kane stunned us all when they stepped out together at the 2013 MTV Music Awards this summer. The group originally formed in 2006 when Sean “Diddy” Combs held a competition to form the ultimate girl-group. Thus the five member collective was formed and high expectation were set. But similar to other demised Bad Boy artists, things didn’t work out, until now.

Missing only D. Woods, the girls are officially back together and look fab. In their new promo photo –Dawn Angelique, Aubrey O’Day, Shannon Bex and Aundrea Fimbres– don all-black leather and sheer pieces with sky high heels. The ladies look amazing and have aged gracefully into confident women. We’re hoping their music matches.

For those of you in NYC on Oct 29, you can see the ladies perform alongside Chris Brown for the 92.3 NOW’s SCREAM! concert.

Win tickets, by going here.

  • AndWhat

    STUNNED is a strong word. A reunion is the only thing that makes sense for these broke chicks, who each thought they could make it on their own but failed miserably. I’m rooting for them but all the space between them in this pic portrays that they are still four individuals rather than a truly cohesive group. I wonder who’s managing them.

    • Phil J.

      Oh how ignorant you are. Dawn had success with diddy dirty money and had a very successful run as an independent artist you should check out her album Goldenheart. I didn’t follow the other girls as much but I do know that Aubrey has a strong following and Shannon did release some country singles and her voice has definitely gotten stronger. Were they on the scale as other “artists” in the industry no but to be an indie musician and accomplish the things that Dawn has is a huge feat and those pics were individually taken and then photoshopped together, you’re reading to much into it. They would not come back together just to break apart again


        very sucessful run as an independent artist?….after dirty money dfisbanded in 2010 all of dawns singles and her album flopped buddy

        • Phil J.

          flopped? nope they disbanded way after 2010 and she has far from lopped once again do your research before ya comment

          • PICA$$O BABY YEEZU$

            yeah it was actually in 2011 when they disbanded…she put out songs since fall 2011 and theyve all flopped..bombs away was the only one i remember and that flopped..if an album dropped it flopped because i didnt even know it came out and it wasnt on the charts

  • ayo

    Wait Dawn and D wood are both missing and i guess they added a new chick. They should have named this group something else. this is not reunion

    • yepisaidit

      Nope, that is Dawn on the end on the left. I know, I know….she looks absolutely NOTHING like herself. She had extreme plastic surgery include a brand new nose, chin & skin lightening. EXTREME self hate. Her music career should not be her main focus. Getting some counseling to love herself should be. The music industry has tainted many artists unfortunately.

      • ayo

        OMG, WTF. OMG, Nah, that is impossible. Holy Sh*T, WTF.

      • Phil J.

        ha th eonly hate is see here is you. she has recent interviews where she looks the same and directly speaks about the nose job and skin lightening issue. in one of those videos it shows her mom and her mom is damn near white while her dad is dark chocolate

    • ☆Skyler Dayvis☆

      That Is Dawn Honey

      • ayo

        what do you mean ? Dawn is not in the pic

  • Mickey Logan

    Huh? Danny Kaye is dead.

  • HisMrs02

    I love it!