Trend Report: The Hottest Spring 2014 Shoe Trends (Mules And More!)

Trend Report: The Hottest Spring 2014 Shoe Trends (Lace Up Sandals, Mules And More!)

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As we pour over the runways from fashion month we can’t help but notice that Spring/Summer 2014 is the season for the comeback kids! Designers were all too eager to give new life to old trends, which was not only evident in the plethora of crop tops and bralets, but also in the runway shoes.

As we expected, ankle straps and the single sole pumps have become staples and remained fixed on runways from New York to Paris. But for every sole that’s maintaining its dominance through reinvention, there’s another treading its way out of obscurity and onto the scene next spring.

 Check out seven of the hottest Spring 2014 shoe trends.



The Mule


Get your calf muscles in shape because the mule is back for Spring 2014. The shoe has been trying to make a comeback for quite a few seasons, but with the endorsement of Alturzarra, 3.1 Philip Lim, Jenny Kanye and Victoria Beckham, Spring 2014 is sure to be its year.