How To Fix A Broken Eye Shadow in 5 Easy Steps

How To Fix A Broken Eye Shadow in 5 Easy Steps

How to fix a broken eye shadow

We know that a broken eye shadow can be a total drag – especially when it’s one of your favorite colors. Whether you were in a rush to get ready for work and dropped a pricey shadow, or maybe traveled somewhere and found your idea of the perfect brown and gold combo shattered into a million pieces in your luggage, this beauty disaster can be frustrating to say the least.

Luckily, we’ve done some digging and found out how to fix a broken eye shadow. All you have to do is just follow these five easy steps and your broken gem will be like new in no time. Forget throwing away your favorite eye shadow and grab a few of these everyday household items to turn your broken shadow into a new packed down and recovered palette!


 Materials You’ll Need:

Rubbing alcohol 70 percent or more

Paper towel

 Plastic sandwich bag

A spoon or knife

Cotton swab

Quarter or dime (depending on palette size)

 Small dish, bowl, or measuring cup

Step 1: Take your broken palette and place a plastic sandwich bag over the crushed remains. Use the back of a spoon or knife to break up any larger pieces until the eye shadow color is evenly crushed .

Step 2: Pour some rubbing alcohol into a small cup and remove the palette from the plastic bag. Grab a quarter or nickel depending on the eye shadow size and wrap a paper towel around the coin.

Step 3: Take the wrapped coin and dip it into the rubbing alcohol. Take the soaked coin and paper towel and press down on your palette. Continue to dip the paper towel and coin and press around the palette until it is fully soaked and packed down tight.

Step 4:  Grab a piece of dry paper towel and press down on the palette to release any excess moisture and smooth out any bumps or ridges. Use a Q-tip to remove any remaining loose powder around the edges.

Step 5: Allow the palette to dry for approximately 4-8 hours in room temperature. Do NOT use any form of heat as this will disrupt the drying process. Once the palette is dry, you are ready to begin using your new and improved shadow!

StyleBlazer Makeup Traveling Tip: Try sticking a cotton ball or flat cotton pad in your blush and eye shadow cases to prevent shattering – be sure to wrap your makeup bag in a knitted scarf  or sweater for extra padding and support in your luggage.