Tracee Ellis Ross’ Mini Dress and Fringe Boots: Fly or Fail?

  • ABP

    Separately…FLY! Together? Eh, not so much…and please borrow some diva poses from your mom. It's in you Tracee, use it!

  • Karr

    Like the dress, not those boots.

  • IMFO

    Boots are nice but too casual for the dress. I guess it's nice, but I'm not into metallic clothes. And she's not as skinny as I thought.

  • Gat Turner

    Beautiful woman………I want her to have my babies….

  • tia

    I like it. Casual meets classy/day meets evening.

  • @MinaScope

    the boots are DATED and casual -she clearly dressed herself- this was not her best

  • Re_Re

    In my eyes Tracee Ellis Ross can do no wrong. I love her fashion sense. I think she just wanted to be a little different here. Clearly the boots don't really go with that dress but for some reason I think she makes it work. She is def one of my favs. Can't wait for her new show to air on BET.

  • Gina

    Tracee is a fashion Diva. I love her hair and the dress. The boots r cool too. I would not have put them together but she pulled it off. Go girl!!

  • PrettyInPink

    Tracy looks good in anything, she can rock a trash bag and would still look better than most hater wearing high fashion…

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