9 Crazy Commercials That Make Fun Of Fashion, Beauty & Pop Culture

funny commercials Most of the time commercials are really just the layover in between our TV shows or movies for bathroom breaks and the retrieval of snackage. But commercials can sometimes also be a surprising source of humor and entertainment, too. Even when the TV is just on for background noise, the most interesting and creative commercials can grab our attention in an instant. The more entertaining and the more memorable the commercials are, the more likely we are to buy the product or use the service. So, to push a product, advertisers pull inspiration from everywhere, including fashion, beauty, celebrity, and pop culture. The latest out of the box ad stars buxom fashion model Kate Upton and veteran rapper Snoop Dogg Lion. Check out Kate and Snoop's funny new Hotpocket commercial along with eight other crazy and comedic commercials that play on fashion, beauty and pop culture.    

Hotpocket Music Video Starring Kate Upton & Snoop Lion (FULL)

It's just so much ridiculousness for one video.

Twerk Workout - Build.com Home Improvement

  Thanks Miley Cyrus!

Style Says It All - Burlington

  Public outbursts are always funny...as long as they're happening to other people.

Smokey Eye Mom - GoGurt

  What happens when ABC daytime soaps start getting canceled.

TJ Maxx Marshalls Showdown

  What we all wish mean girls were really like.

Back To School Layaway (Yo Momma) - Kmart

    It's the new generation of "yo momma" jokes.

Karate Salon - Southern Comfort Alcohol

This totally beats reading a three- month old magazine.

An American Coach in London Starring Jason Sudeikis - NBC Sports (FULL)

One more reason for the Brits to hate us; and one more reason for us to love Jason Sudeikis.

JT Surprises Singing Fans starring Justin Timberlake - Target

This is a lot less dim and candlelit than how we'd like to meet Justin Timberlake, but a nice tickle of a commercial nonetheless.  

Which funny commercial was your fave?!

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