The 15 Most Demanding Celebrities

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan arrives at the premiere of 'Liz and package' at the Beverly Hills Hotel pf

Photo: WENN

In 2006, while shooting Georgia Rule, James G. Robinson blasted LiLo’s on-set antics in an open letter where he cited her as being “discourteous, irresponsible and unprofessional.” Lohan’s film roles began to slow after the backlash until 2012 when she was cast in Paul Schrader’s The Canyons. According to Schrader the troubled actress’ attitude failed to improve. The director’s laundry list of complains included the actress’ unexplained disappearances, issues with the casting, and refusal to comply to contractually obligated nude scenes. To put the cherry on top, Lohan racked up a $46,000 hotel and bar bill on the production’s dime.


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  1. says:

    demanding celebrities…..mostly jews and minorities with a couple of menopausal former megastar divas… surprises here…..move on.

  2. says:

    …and maybe you’ll notice that a few of these “celebs'” careers are stuck in neutral, mostly because they are such jerks (and their movies aren’t raking in the big bucks) that few want to hire and/or work with them. Sometimes time DOES wound all heels.

  3. says:

    For such an enjoyable book, one for the money was a waste of time. Rightly or wrongly I blame KH.

  4. says:

    After the death of Cory Monteith, Kate Hudson invited Lea Michele to stay in her home so she could avoid the media and have some privacy. Lea Michele tweeted her thanks to Kate Hudson for being there for her when she really needed it. I seriously doubt that Kate Hudson would have done that if she didn’t like Lea Michele.

  5. says:

    On “One For The Money” her behavior was known as “Kate being Kate” and may have been responsible for the failure of the movie as well as extra overtime for the on set crew. (The crew tends to be somewhat more patient when they are being paid well.)

    However, Christian Bale has apologized for the incident cited in this article and was nothing less than a gentleman and professional on his two visits to our city. (Dark Knight Rising and Out of the Furnace.)

  6. says:

    I wouldn’t pi$$ on any of them if they were on fire. I don’t care who you are, if you’re rude to others you are nothing.

  7. says:

    Maybe I am an idiot or I have been hiding under a rock but who is Azealia Banks? Some no-name hip hop artist from what I can tell – obviously not good enough to rank.

    • says:

      yeah she’s young but she was on the cover of Spin, won Billboard’s “New Style Icon” award and was nominated for a few BET awards…things have changed, people can be “big” even if you’ve never heard of them =)

    • says:

      I’ve never heard of her either.

  8. says:

    Oh the sense of entitlement…. Maybe if people stopped treating them like gods they’d stop acting like a……..s. And funny thing? Half of them I’ve never heard of.
    Realility if someone snapped their fingers at me? I’d break’em off and shove them some where that only a proctologist would find them. Oh and lea? Get a nose job seriously.

  9. says:

    Celebs yes…STARS NO! When will people just wise up that these people are not professionals and by continuing to give in to their undeserved whims they just make things worse. Fire their asses and give real STARS a chance to show the world how it should be done with class and professionalism.

    • says:

      The writer might not be a professional, so why give her so much power? You would rather believe what might be a pack of lies – how is that class?

  10. says:

    Who is Katherine Heigl?

  11. says:

    Whoever put in Mariah’s extensions in that photo should be fired. It’s called blending, people. HORRIBLE!

  12. says:

    There appears to be two distinct type of “demanding”. There are the “perfectionists”, (such as Bale, Crowe, Meyers), and then there are the insecure, who demand perks and generally have a posse and will likely go broke when the shine is off.

  13. says:

    just a comment to say christian bale is at least a very talented actor & that was only one episode that i’ve read about & he apologized profusely for it. the others ‘not so much’.

    • says:

      I was thinking the same thing. He lost his temper once on a set 4 years ago and that makes him a diva? They need better examples.

  14. says:

    Joan Crawford was married to the president of Coca Cola in 1955 and thereafter her contracts stipulated that she was not to lay eyes upon a Pepsi-Cola machine in the theatres where she was performing, the hotels, corridors, etc. She also had OCD about cleanliness, but that’s another story.

  15. says:

    As an extra on the set of many movies and TV shows, most of the stars like Nicolas Cage, George Lopez, Tom Cruise, Sean Hayes, Josh Duhamel and Megan Mullally, were incredibly awesome! However, to my shock, there were a number of them: James Spader, Debra Messing, Christina Aguilera, David Caruso, Hilary & Haylie Duff, Portia de Rossi and, most importantly JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT – who were downright rude, mean and unpleasant!

  16. says:

    Where is Bruce Willis? The worst. Read Kevin Smith’s book!!!!

  17. says:

    Why bother with Lindsey Lohan? That’s like putting Satan on the most evil list! LOL!
    As far as the rest, put them all on the same B movie set and do a reality TV show!

  18. says:

    I miss good reporting where facts are used. This whole list became irrelevant with the story of Kate Hudson and Lea Michele. Kate denied all of it. If the reporter had any clout, she would be able to have at least two sources to confirm facts rather than bully a few people who happen to be celebrities.

  19. says:

    The Heigl diva image is greatly disappointing. She is a slightly better looking woman than one I had planned to marry and seemed a few steps more wordly than her.

    I looked forward to her movies until, “Knocked Up”. That was a warning shot about her intelligence which I apparently vastly overrated. A greater mismatch with Rogan could hardly be conjured up by any casting director. Now I learn she’s really ‘difficult’.

    In the grand scheme of things this hardly matters, and once again confirms that who you see on screen bears no resemblance to the human bean living inside all that beautful flesh.

  20. says:

    We have to read this with at least some skepticism – after all this is not a well known writer or publication and she may have a non-journalistic agenda. I still find it humorous that the ones on the list are not exactly the best , brightest or best looking in the industry. They are mostly has beens and wanna bes.

  21. says:

    Some of these people I’ve never heard of. They should be thankful for the jobs they have. More of their diva attitudes should be exposed. If I hear of someone who acts like a diva I don’t watch their shows. Knowing that they are doing these things on purpose disgusts me. Whatever happened to common courtesy?

  22. says:

    so dumb Heigl also makes the list of actors no one wants to work with how does this make sense?
    Katherine Heigl

  23. says:

    The spoiled actors of film and stage…..The ego kick….small minds….
    Nothing here move along……….

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