Naughty Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Easy

Stumped For Halloween? Try One Of These 10 Sl*tty Costume Ideas

spring-breakers-image09Photo: Spring Breakers


While some of us are partial to staying home, watching “Hocus Pocus” and enjoying a year’s plenty of Twizzlers and Snickers bars, some of you are quite serious about Oct 31.

For many of you, Halloween’s saving grace –past the age of 15– is that it’s the one holiday that designates it OK for women to walk around half-unclothed without getting looked at strangely. Hardly a feminist movement, there is a sense of security when every other chick on the street is dressed as some form of sl*tty profession.

If you feel like you’ve basically done every form sl*t (pun intended) we’ve got ten new ones that you’ll love:


The Sl*tty Nurse promoted to Doctor- Throw on a white jacket and woolah, you’ve been promoted. Actually degree not necessary.

  • qwerty

    Meh, I don’t really think the pizza is sl*tty. Just short.

  • leesa

    White women continue to lower the standard for women.