Converse Launches Winter Appropriate Holiday Collection

Converse Launches Winter Appropriate Holiday Collection


Everyone loves a pair of converse– we can make that blanket statement because it’s true. Owning a pair is like a rite of passage, you simply cannot escape it. They are actually a great choice for flat footwear, their only downside being that they are relegated to the warmer dry month due to their canvas material.


However, their holiday 2013 collection is looking to change that. The collection is comprise of sneaker-boots that are designed to make it through the winter weather. Each offers a winterized feature, such as a gripped sole to prevent you from slipping; a rubber wedge outsole to keep you elevated from the slush, a thinsulate lining to keep your toes warm, a shearling lining or a rolldown knit lining.

Head over to to shop the holiday collection!



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