Mikki Taylor Releases "Commander In Chic" Style Guide

Former Essence Beauty Director Mikki Taylor To Release New Style Book: “Commander In Chic”

Beauty and style veteran Mikki Taylor has set to release her follow up book cleverly named “Commander In Chic: Every Woman’s Guide To Managing Her Style Like A First Lady” since her last beauty book, ” Self Seduction” and retiring from Essence magazine after 30 years. This beauty and style guide uses Michelle Obama as the primary inspiration for all women to develop their personal style which she is known and admired for. Here’s a description from the publisher:

Over her many years as beauty and cover editor for Essence, Mikki Taylor became the woman Black women trusted most on the subjects of beauty and style, and she became highly recognizable around the country and in every market around the world where Essence is published.

Taylor understands that women, whether they reside in major urban centers or in rural communities, are fascinated and inspired by the First Lady and aspire to her kind of confidence and effortless glamor. She uses Michelle-O as inspiration to help readers put their personal stamp on everything they wear—no matter the price, the designer, or the occasion, proving that you can have fun with fashion, wear what you love, dress powerfully, and yet not be bogged down by old rules that have nothing to do with how you want to live your life.

Such an innovative spin on what could be a typical style book. Commander in Chic will be released November 29th, right on time for the holidays. This would make a perfect gift!

See a mini-picture gallery of the regal Mikki Taylor on the following pages: