Kim Kardashian Sports Skinny Jeans, Reveals Weight Loss Secret!

Kim Kardashian and baby North leave Casa VegaPhoto: AKM-GSI

Now we know how Kim Kardashian got back into her skinny jeans so fast!

The new mom was spotted over the weekend sporting some skin-tight denim as she went out to dinner at Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks with North West and the rest of her family. But while she was there, Kim probably wasn’t eating too many tortillas — because she’s on a low-carb diet.

Find out what she’s doing to loose the weight at TooFab.

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  1. says:

    Loose the weight?! Smh. Do better.

  2. says:

    Whatever she’s doing a surgeon is involved and she still looks sloppy.

  3. says:

    Look I can’t hate.. minus the blonde locks if we are just talking body Kim is amazing.. especially 4 months after a baby.. I know women who are not even close to this size 3 years after baby sooooo no hate here…..

  4. says:

    Kim works out religiously, she even did during pregnancy. I’m not saying the low-carb diet doesn’t work, because it *obviously* does. I’m just saying that Kim exercises too, that’s how she loses weight. It’s not a secret, that’s just what she does.

    • says:

      You don’t know that.

      • says:

        Well by that standard, nobody knows anything that they don’t directly see. She’s photoed coming out of the gym all the time, she works out on her show, she talks about working out all the time, and she has a great body. So it is pr3tty obvious she works out. I don’t have any reason to think she would lie. Sometimes people will find any irrational reason to say something bad about her, you are just being silly. No offense, but really that is silly.

  5. says:

    Kim didn’t workout a lot. They only showed her a few times at the gym once people started calling her fat. Before she got pregnant she didn’t work out hardly at all either. She just went to the surgeon when she needed to lose a few pounds. Her secret was a lipo, tummy tuck, botox and getting her dyed.

  6. says:

    The K camp want people to believe she’s losing the weight naturally from diet and exercise. Kim is losing the weight through lipo, botox and whatever else her doctors gives her to get back to her original fake body. She wasn’t all natural before she had the baby.
    Nothing wrong with it if that’s what you have to do…..but don’t go around lying and telling viewers it’s ALL from diet and exercise. People aren’t stupid.

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