The 15 Best And Most Outrageous Celebrity Photos Of All Time

The 15 Best, Worst And Most Outrageous Celebrity Instagram And Twitpics Of All Time

Twitter and Instagram have forever changed the way we view celebrities, for us fans that’s a great thing, we now know the likes of Rihanna and Kim Kardashian love a selfie and love to caption said selfie with a series of hashtags and Emoji icons just like us “regular” people. As for their publicists, we’re pretty sure RiRi’s people wistfully reminisce back to the days where her Bad Gal antics were not shared with millions of people. Alas, whether they (and at times we) like it or  not, celebrities are sharing their lives with an added filter for the world to see. Sometimes it’s epic, like Beyonce’s tongue-in-cheek remix to “Halo”, at times it’s bad, one word: Ke$Ha, and most of the times it’s completely outrageous, take Nick Minaj’s #ThongThursday for example. Here are the best, worst and most outrageous celebrity Instagram and Twitpics of all time, brace yourselves folks! 


BEST: Beyonce


Photo: Instagram

During a “Mrs. Carter Show” rendition of “Halo,” Beyonce (who was positioned in front of a fan) suffered the most embarrassing stage moment when her hair got caught in the blades. Not only did Bey continue performing without missing a beat (while attempting to free her weave) she was forced to receive an impromtu hair cut by her security team that freed her from the fans clutches. After the show, Beyonce took to Instagram and shared a hilarious “remix” of the song, turning the song into an ode to her Virgin Remy Malaysian weave, caught by a “hatiiiiiiin” fan. In a sea of self-serious musicians (*ahem* Kanye West) it’s good to know at least one star knows when to poke fun at themselves. It’s even better when it’s none other than Beyonce.

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