15 Most Shocking Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

  • side_i

    Solange is Bey’s daughter???!!! wow that’s a first

    • NachoAverage

      Ikr… Who the h e l l came up wit that 1?? I’ve never heard that dumb concept anywhere b4… lol


    That still of her stomach collapsing is so obvious that was not a pregnancy belly. Either she did not carry Blue (which is fine, that is her choice) or she was not as far along as she wanted people to think. There is no way in H3LL a dress folds like that on a pregnant belly. That was a fake belly that folded, PERIOD!

    • realtalk

      @YUPISAIDT you sound real stupid. First believe or not to believe Beyoncé’s belly didn’t fold, it was clearly her dress from the air that was trapped in. I wish all you dumb believer that believe any and all things being said/printed by media is for a get press. People really needs to used their God given brains.

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