The 15 Messiest NBA Players Of All Time

Ball So Hard: The 15 Messiest NBA Players Of All Time

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Basketball players already get the rap for being thugs and gangsters, despite the fact that most of these guys are college educated. Sometimes an education still doesn’t stop one from gaining a rap sheet. While your average Joe still manages to get multiple years behind bars, the NBA has its fair share of wannabe tough guys and all-around unkempt champions. Back in the day, the league did have quite the rough patch of messiness that ruined its reputation. Teams like the Portland Trailblazers gained a following as the better known name of the “Jail Blazers,” and some of the game’s most colorful characters were either getting arrested by police (Dennis Rodman), were caught playing with guns (Gilbert Arenas) or just being stupid (Kobe Bryant).

There are a handful of players who have toned down over the years, but we are taking you through history to see the 15 Messiest NBA Players of All Time.


J.R. Smith

Kendrick Perkins

Ron Artest

Matt Barnes

Delonte West

Allen Iverson

Ben Wallace

Stephen Jackson

Jason Kidd

Dennis Rodman

DeShawn Stevenson

Lamar Odom

Gilbert Arenas

Charles Barkley

Ty Lawson

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