Rihanna Kicked Out Of Abu Dhabi Mosque For Instagramming

Rihanna Kicked Out Of Abu Dhabi Mosque For Instagramming (And Other Over-Sharing Celebs)


Remember when it was exciting to catch a glimpse inside the life of your favorite celebrity? Or when a little side-boob in a movie could incite awe and excitement at seeing a Hollywood sex symbol’s…sex symbols? Well, thanks to the social media revolution, we can scarcely remember either.

Sex has always sold, the difference today is the pusher. As addressed in a recent article by the NY Times, stars once distraught at the thought that their careers might be on the line all because of a little love-fest captured on camera by an opportunistic ex-boyfriend or thirsty groupie are now nonchalant and even opt to release their sex tape themselves. But yesterday’s celebrity sex tape scandal, is today’s celebrity Twitter and Instagram.



One of Instagram’s biggest sharers, Rihanna, posted a slue of pics to her IG account of an impromptu photo shoot in front of an Abu Dhabi mosque. The photos were shot by photographers Steven Gomillion and Dennis Leupold. Although sporting the required attire covering her and her lady bits from hair to toe, some fans saw the showy shoot (one photo, pictured above, was posted with the caption “B*itch stole my look”) in front of the place of worship disrespectful. Mosque officials eventually asked Rih Rih to leave the mosque for taking “pictures that do not conform with the conditions and regulations put in place,” they said in a released statement condemning the singer’s photo shoot.

Whether it was disrespectful or not is debatable, and fans have definitely been going back and forth about it. But the other argument is her lack of restraint and judgement from a compulsion to over-share her life. Maybe if Rihanna had snapped a curt photo or two to chronicle the memory, share with fans, and move on to entering the actual mosque (she never went in), the response might not have been so severe. Or if she’d even coordinated taking the photos with mosque officials for permission, they might have complied at the prospect of enticing her followers to one day visit the Abu Dhabi mosque. But the self-imposed, 11 photo event on the grounds of the place of worship before even entering the mosque made the singer seem too preoccupied with her celebrity than absorbing the culture.

Unfortunately, Rihanna’s mosque photo shoot is mild compared to the over-sharing other celebrities have been indulging in for the past week or so. Nicki Minaj’s star pasties were followed up by Azealia Banks’ smiley face pasties, and then came Lady Gaga’s arse in a thong. And before that there was the too-much-of-Miley-to-make-sense Insta-storm. Finding full front boob or bare butt cheeks from the most famous celeb in the day’s news crawl goes with one’s morning coffee.

We’ve gone from shocked, to unmoved, to just irked. There doesn’t seem to be anything separating the average thirsty chick who posts bathroom bikini shots from the average celebrity who posts bare-breast hotel bed pics. The Insta-arse and boob shots read like desperate attempts to stay edgy, relevant, and hot. Even some celeb men have gotten in on the action with the accidental camera phone ‘d**k pic.’ The irony is that the more we see from these stars, the more we realize the less they have to offer.


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To see all the photos from Rihanna’s Abu Dhabi mosque visit, click here.

  • Avg

    She’s lucky they only kicked her out and not chop off her head. Next!

  • xedos

    How can she kicked of the mosque when she was not in the mosque

  • rene

    so crazy, what did she do wrong? Oh I can guess she was born a female.Remember when one culture was insulted when one of our Presidents crossed his legs. These people better wake up and start focusing on what God wants, A clear conscience towards Him. Stop wit the culterisim. Remember hand washing? Christ said first clean the heart.

    • BlackMenvsNiggas

      shut the hell up. the b*tch went there to show out idiot. one of her captions read “B*tch stole my look” what were you reading?

      • rene

        So what,

        • BlackMenvsNiggas

          so she got kicked out thats what. thee end

  • Alex

    It’s a pity she didn’t wear a burqa for that photo shoot

  • Girah Jay

    The way she posed ain’t that bad in America but the fact that she has been presenting herself as Straight trashy sK@ank prolly crushed the Muslims since that is a sacred place towards their religion.